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Mary W.

After hurricane Sandy our beach house was pretty damaged.  We had roof damage from wind and water damage inside from flooding and rain.  A+ came out and fixed everything.  You would never know how bad it was!

Walter R.

Almost half of our house burnt down in a kitchen fire last year.  We were devastated.  And didn’t know how to even begin cleaning up or digging through our ruined belongings.  The team from A + was such a blessing.  They handled it all so we could grieve our loss and move on without having to go through the trauma again.  

Sara T.

We had water damage on our walls and ceiling from a few years of neglecting a leak in the roof.  I never had the money to fix it and I thought I just had to live with it.  A friend told me to get in touch with A + Service Pro and that they could help me get an insurance claim to help pay for fixing the damage.  Not only did it help pay, it covered the entire cost!  I did pay a dime.  I can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner.

Don G.

I noticed my family was getting sick quite a bit and our house was starting to smell like mildew.  I had no idea that it was a black mold infestation until I was cleaning one day and found some on the walls in the kitchen.  It turns out mold was everywhere inside the walls from a leak that happened years ago. We had A+ come remediate the mold.  They got rid of all of it and rebuilt the walls and added measures to ensure it won’t come back.

John D.

As a landlord I was used to dealing with property problems, repairs, and basic maintenance. But when a fire caused by a tennant damaged one of my rental buildings I wasn’t sure where to turn.  I found A + Service Pro online and called them.  They immediately helped me be coming out to document the damage and control the scene.  My insurance company was trying to get out of paying but A + new exactly how to handle this type of claim and get them to pay up.  The rental has since been rebuilt.

Steven W.

I had damage to my roof from a storm that needed to be taken care of right away.  These guys came out and did a great job covering it up and saving my house. 

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