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Storms can come on quickly and cause devasting damage

Mother nature can unleash brutal storms that do serious damage to your property. Tornados, hail storms, flooding, blizzards, hurricanes, and so many more natural disasters can put a big hurt on your home. If a tree gets knocked down by heavy winds and goes through your home’s roof, you need to respond quickly to minimize the amount of damage and save your home. A + Service Pro Restoration is on call should you need emergency storm services. Big, devastating storms can come out of nowhere with little warning. You’re not alone in these trying times. Our emergency storm services are here to help you and provide you a little relief as you begin to put your life and home back together. Here are some of our wind and storm damage services in more detail. 

Roof Tarps

When mother nature unleashes a nasty storm with high winds that puts a tree through your roof, you need to move quickly to prevent further damages. High winds are often accompanied by a lot of rain. You don’t want to have a hole in your roof while it is raining. When water gets into your house it causes a ton of damage and can lead to dangerous mold growth. A + Service Pro Restoration responds fast when you call even during the middle of a storm. Our service professionals safely and efficiently nail a tarp over your exposed roof to keep the water from getting into your home and causing more damage than was already done by the heavy winds.

Tree and Debris Removal

Big storms with high winds knock down a lot of trees and create a ton of debris. Cleaning up after a big storm can be a daunting task. It is hard to pick up big tree limbs and heavy debris on your own, and most people don’t have the necessary equipment or vehicles to remove and dispose of these debris either. Our removal team at A + Service Pro Restoration will come out after a big storm scatters trees and debris over your property and remove them. Heavy debris can cause damage to your home and land if allowed to sit for too long. Plus, who wants to see debris scattered all over their property? 

Emergency Plumbing, Heating, and Lighting

Heavy winds and serious storms can knock your heat, plumbing, and lighting out of commission. It is hard to survive without these utilities functioning in your home. We help you get these considerations temporarily figured out while we address the greater issue causing their outage. If a big storm puts your heat, lighting, or plumbing out of commission, call your service professionals at A + Service Pro Restoration. It can be very dangerous to your health to go without heat in the middle of winter, or to go without plumbing for an extended period of time. We work fast to mitigate the effects of a serious storm so you can focus on recovery and all of the different aspects of property restoration instead of staying warm on a cold night.

Rebuilding and Restoring Your Home

The most important aspect of our wind and storm damage restoration services is the rebuilding of homes after big storms devastate them. You need a team that will quickly get to work repairing the damage caused by the storm so that you can live in your home. Rebuilding homes takes a lot of precision and keen attention to detail. The goal is to match styles and materials so that the rebuilt section of your home fits seamlessly with the structures that survived the storm. You need a team that not only responds fast, but also has the experience and dedication to make sure the job looks right too. 


A + Service Pro Restoration has rebuilt thousands of homes immediately following devastating storm damages. You could say we have built our reputation on rebuilding homes in a timely and accurate fashion. Getting back on your feet and feeling comfortable again after a storm has severely damaged your property can take a long time. We strive to alleviate this pressure by working hard and getting the job done as soon as is possible.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Your first instinct might be to call your insurance company after a storm damages your home so you can file a claim. Here is the thing, you won’t be able to accurately assess all of the damages caused by the storm and file a claim on your own, and you most definitely do not want your insurance company assessing the extent of the damages and making their own determination of how much it will cost. They are not restoration contractors. 


Call us first. We respond quickly with our own team of assessment and service professionals. We will come out to your home and thoroughly document all of the damages caused by the storm, create a realistic assessment of how much all of that work will actually cost, and we will secure the area so that no further damage occurs. You don’t have to pay us anything up front. We don’t bill you. We bill the insurance company. We are experts at getting our clients the work they need to rebuild their homes, and the insurance money to do so without putting a great financial strain on them. Remember, your insurance company is in business to make a profit. We are in business to help our clients get back to normal after their lives are devastated by wind and storm damages. At A + Service Pro Restoration we are proud of this distinction. 


If you are dealing with damage caused by high winds or a storm, please contact us as soon as you can. We will be the first ones to respond to the scene to ensure your safety and minimize the damage done to your property.

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