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Mold can be extremely dangerous to your family's health

Indoor mold growth is not an issue that you should take lightly. Indoor mold growth can cause serious health risks to those who are exposed to it, even death. Where water is present mold can spread quickly in as little as 48 hours. If you have a plumbing leak or water coming into your home from any source it shouldn’t, you need to take steps to address this issue before mold can grow and spread. A + Service Pro Restoration has the experience and technical tools to safely find and remove dangerous mold colonies before they can grow out of control and put your health at risk. If you suspect there is mold growth in your home, don’t wait to contact professionals to safely remediate it. Do not try and remove mold growth on your own. It is dangerous, and you don’t have the proper training to successfully remediate the mold colony. 

Mold Inspection and Assessment

When you suspect mold growth in your home, you need to contact a service professional immediately. At A + Service Pro Restoration we respond quickly to your home and immediately begin inspecting your home to determine all of the areas affected by mold growth. Our trained professionals know where to expect mold growth, and they have the technical experience to fully assess the amount of damage that has been done to your home. We carefully document every step of the process so that your insurance company knows exactly where the damages are and how much they will cost to successfully remediate. 

Containing the Mold Colony

Mold colonies grow very quickly. After we inspect your home and assess all of the damages caused by the mold growth, we move quickly to contain the colony before it can spread and cause further damages to your home and health. In order to successfully remediate mold growth, it is important that the growth is contained first. Once we have your mold colony contained we can begin the next steps to remediate the issue and restore your property to its pre-mold state.

Cleaning the Air

Mold spores are airborne. It is these spores that cause health issues when inhaled. As soon as the mold is identified and contained, we take the necessary steps to filter the dangerous mold spores out of the air inside your home. Mold can also cause a very unpleasant odor, since it is so closely tied to the damages caused by flooding, and the process of filtering your home’s air will also help with the odor inside. One of the main reasons you need to call a professional to remediate your mold growth is because if you don’t filter your air properly the airborne spores can form a new growth somewhere else inside your home. Our technical team has industrial air filtering equipment that effectively cleans the unseen mold spores in the air inside your home. 

Removing the Mold Infested Materials

Now that the mold has been found, contained, and the air has been filtered, we can start removing the items that are completely mold infested and cannot be safely cleaned or restored. Our A + Service Pro Restoration team safely removes and disposes of the mold infested items from your home. It is crucial that you call a service professional quickly to get mold infested materials safely removed from your property. The longer you wait to call a professional, the more materials and possessions you will lose to mold infestation. When you notice or suspect mold, move quickly before it can seriously damage your property or health. 

Clean Up

A lot of your possessions and home materials can be saved from mold infestation if they are properly cleaned in a timely manner. Our mold restoration and remediation team is very proficient at cleaning up after a mold infestation. You can’t clean mold safely on your own. We take a microbial approach to mold remediation so that you can rest assured that the microscopic mold spores are dealt with properly, and that all of your property has been thoroughly cleaned. 


Mold can have a devastating effect on your home. Drywall, insulation, wood flooring, and more can be seriously affected by mold growth and may need to be removed. Once the mold is dealt with, you need trustworthy service professionals to help you put your home and your life back together. Mold is often times the result of serious water damage. We work fast to address your water issue so mold doesn’t return, and we help restore your property to the way it was before the mold damaged it.

A + Service Pro Restoration

Our mold restoration and remediation team is on call whenever you suspect you have a serious issue. You may think it wise to contact your insurance company first, but you would be wrong. Your insurance agent doesn’t have the specialized training to accurately assess all of the damages caused by mold and water to your property. We do. We’ll be the first responders. We’ll take a thorough inventory of everything that is damaged, and how much it will cost to clean, restore, and replace everything. Then we send it directly to your insurance so you don’t pay us a thing. There is no up-front cost to homeowners in need. We bill insurance, not you. If you are dealing with mold, please contact your friendly service professionals at A + Service Pro Restoration!

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