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Home and commercial building fires can be devastating

Fires are devastating to homes, businesses, and the people involved. A fire not only threatens your life but your livelihood. After the smoke has cleared and the flames are extinguished, you are left with a heap of damage. We understand it is overwhelming. Where do you even begin? Before you do anything, call us, A + Service Pro Restoration. Just like your local fire department we respond with quick and decisive action to make sure that this fire doesn’t destroy any more than it already has. It is hard to think clearly after a devastating fire, but it is important to get restoration professionals to the scene quickly. Here is what we’ll do to help you after a fire.

Stabilize the Property

Just because the flames have been extinguished doesn’t mean that the damage is done occurring. The first 48 hours after a fire in your home or business are the most important in terms of recovery. Our service professionals will be at your property as soon as you call us to ensure that the area is stabilized. Our goal is to maximize the amount of property and possessions that can be recovered after fire and smoke damage occurs. The sooner we are called out to the scene of the fire, the more we will be able to recover. 

Neutralize Residual Chemicals

The chemicals left behind by fire and smoke cause damage in their own right too. It is important to swiftly respond to the scene of a fire and neutralize all of the different chemicals present on your property. Not only is there chemical damage from acidic soot and smoke damage, but there is also chemical damage that can occur from the dry chemicals in the water that the fire department uses to put the flames out. It is important to try and neutralize the chemicals of fire and smoke damage as soon as possible to prevent long term damage to the structures and possessions that are recoverable. 


The odor left behind by smoke damage is toxic. One of the biggest aspects of fire and smoke damage recovery is deodorizing the toxic odors left behind by smoke. Any part of your building’s structures that you want to recover need to be thoroughly deodorized to ensure that there is no threat to the people who will be inhabiting or using the space. Our A + Service Pro Restoration team can respond quickly to the site of your fire and work to stabilize, neutralize, and deodorize your property. 

Water Damages

One of the worst aspects about fires is that your property also gets damaged by the water used to put out the fire. The water used to put out the fire can cause even further structural damage to your property if not addressed quickly. We’re ready to answer the call and respond quickly to the scene of your fire. Don’t wait too long to call your restoration professionals at A + Service Pro Restoration. The sooner we are called in, the more we can help you save. 

Replacement V.S. Restoration

The biggest question facing property owners after fire and smoke damage has wreaked havoc on their homes and businesses is what is worth saving and what needs to be replaced? Our professional team will take stock of all of the damages and create a path forward for your recovery. We take the costs of restoration, replacement, and the sentimental value of everything into account when we make our evaluations. Other services we provide quickly to ease the pain and suffering of fire and smoke damage are:

  • Emergency board ups 
  • Soot removal
  • Deodorization 
  • Demolition 
  • Complete reconstruction

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Most people’s first reactions to fire and smoke damage is to call their insurance agent and file a claim for coverage. We highly recommend calling us first. Our A + Service Pro Restoration team will respond to the scene and document all of the damage, secure the scene, make the insurance claim, clean up the property, and finally restore and rebuild the property. We don’t charge our customers anything up front. Your insurance company is the one who needs to pay for restoration, not you. We have years of experience helping people recover from devastating fire and smoke damage and getting the insurance companies to pay out all of the benefits that you rightly deserve. 


Insurance companies are out to make a profit. If you file a claim with them, they’re going to try and lessen the extent of the benefits that they have to pay you to recover. We accurately document all of the damages and show the real costs of recovery so that you can be sure that your insurance company pays you the full amount of your benefits.

A + Service Pro Restoration

If you have experienced the horrible consequences of fire and smoke damage or know someone who has, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We do not charge you ANYTHING up front for our services. We charge the insurance companies, and we are good at getting them to pay out. Don’t wait; don’t call your insurance agent. Make A + Service Pro Restoration your first call after a fire disaster and we will work diligently to secure the property and accurately document and assess all of the damages. 


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