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There is never a good time to require home repairs or contractor services, but sometimes nature gets nasty and unleashes a brutal storm or life happens and a pipe bursts and you need a service professional at your home as soon as possible. A + Service Pro Restoration is proud to respond quickly when life throws you a major curveball. As is the case with most things in life, the sooner you respond to a repair issue, the easier it will be to deal with. No matter what time of day it is or the condition of the weather outside, we are ready to respond in the event that you need emergency contractor or home repair services. Take a closer look at what we do, and how we can help you in your dire time of need.

Water Removal

Out of all the elements that can cause serious damage to your property, water is one of the worst. Let’s say a pipe bursts and floods your home, or water gets into your home another way. No matter how the flooding in your home occurred it is important to get it out of your house as quickly as possible. The longer water sits in your home, the more damage it does. It gets into your floors and walls and causes warping and structural damage. If that wasn’t bad enough, water also causes mold growth which can lead to serious health problems if not addressed in a timely fashion. The moral of the story is, if you have flood water in your home, you need to remove it as soon as you can. We’ll come out to your home at any time of the day with industrial pumps and dry-vacs to get the water out of your house. Our A + Service Pro Restoration team will also make sure to thoroughly dry out your walls and floors to make sure there is no moisture remaining in those porous surfaces that can lead to mold growth. 

Tarp Ups

High winds can rip shingles off your roof and open holes for water to get into your home. Trees also fall on roofs and punch big holes in your home. What do you do when your roof is compromised and you’re in the middle of a furious storm? Our emergency service team will quickly respond to your home and tarp up your roof. You might think anyone could nail a tarp to the roof, but it is not as easy as you might think it is. Our A + Service Pro Restoration emergency services team is highly trained and licensed, and we use special trade methods to securely tarp your roof so that no water can get in. We know how bad water can damage your home. Don’t wait to get a professional team out to tarp your roof when high winds and storm conditions compromise the integrity of your roof. 


When dealing with biological materials and other hazardous chemicals, it is important to take extreme caution to ensure maximum protection from exposure. Our service team is specially trained to deal with cleaning up and containing toxic chemical substances. Cleaning up hazardous materials on your own is not only a terrible idea because you are exposing yourself to dangerous materials, but you also won’t be properly disposing of them either which will put other people at risk of exposure too. You can not flush hazardous materials or drain them into any public waste or drain system. A + Service Pro Restoration stringently follows all EPA guidelines when it comes to cleaning up and decontaminating the sites of hazardous material spills. Don’t wait, trust the professionals to deal with cleaning up and disposing of any hazardous materials that have been spilled in your home or business. 

Board Ups

Your doors and windows can be compromised by any number of things such as high winds, fires, and vandals. Broken windows and doors are open invitations for rodents and other pests and water to come into your home and wreak havoc. A + Service Pro Restoration has an emergency team that will come out to your home as soon as you call and board up your exposed areas. Home security is a paramount concern. Don’t give intruders an easy access point to your home or business. Our team securely boards up your windows or doors to ensure no one can get in. 

A + Service Pro Restoration

We are proud to offer people in need highly trained service professionals when they have an emergency that needs to be dealt with promptly. No matter the time of day or the condition of the weather, we respond to emergency situations quickly in order to ensure the amount of damage done to your property is minimized as much as is possible. 


We secure the scene of the damage and thoroughly document everything so that we can file an insurance claim on your behalf. A + Service Pro Restoration is very good at getting insurance companies to cover their fair share of the costs. When you call us to the scene of your emergency you are not charged anything upfront! We remedy the problem you are having, document all of the damage, and then charge your insurance company. If you need emergency services don’t hesitate to call us day or night! 

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