Commercial Building Damage Restoration and Remediation

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Commercial properties often require special knowledge when it comes to contractor services.   A + Service Pro Restoration is proud to offer fast, knowledgable emergency contractor services for commercial property owners.  We understand these larger spaces and their systems, and the often special requirements or permits needed to get work completed. If your commercial property gets damaged by water, storms, fire, or mold, or team can respond quickly and efficiently to get your property and business back safely.  As is the case with most things in life, the sooner you respond to a repair issue, the easier it will be to deal with. No matter what time of day it is or the condition of the weather outside, we are ready to respond in the event that you need emergency contractor or commercial repair services. Take a closer look at what we do, and how we can help you in your dire time of need.

Commercial Water & Flood Damage Restoration

Out of all the elements that can cause serious damage to your property, water is one of the worst. If a pipe bursts and floods your home, or a major storm causes flood waters to get into your commercial building you need to act quickly.  It is important to get the water out of the building as quickly as possible. The longer water sits in your property, the more damage it does. It gets into your floors and walls and causes warping and structural damage. If that wasn’t bad enough, water also causes mold growth which can lead to serious health problems if not addressed in a timely fashion. The moral of the story is, if you have flood water in your commercial property or building, you need to remove it as soon as you can. We’ll come out to your building at any time of the day with industrial pumps and dry-vacs to get the water out of your property. Our A + Service Pro Restoration team will also make sure to thoroughly dry out your walls and floors to ensure there is no moisture remaining in those porous surfaces that can lead to mold growth. 

Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage restoration

Fires happen quickly and can be devastating to your commercial property. Whether an office building, warehouse, store, restaurant, or rental property, your livelihood likely depends on your commercial properties being habitable and safe.  Fires can cause immeasurable damage to a property, leaving it structural unsafe for inhabitants.  You need a professional team on your side that can not only clear out the burned and smoke damaged materials, but that can rebuild your property to code specifications and ensure you are able to regain your occupancy permits.  A + Service Pro Restoration is familiar with the unique needs of commercial properties as well as the insurance claims that go along with commercial property disasters. We work with your company to document the damage so you can quickly claim your insurance monies and start to rebuild your business.

Commercial building Biohazard remediation

When dealing with biological materials and other hazardous chemicals, it is important to take extreme caution to ensure maximum protection from exposure. Our service team is specially trained to deal with cleaning up and containing toxic chemical substances. Cleaning up hazardous materials on your own is not only a terrible idea because you are exposing yourself to dangerous materials, but you also won’t be properly disposing of them either which will put other people at risk of exposure too. You can not flush hazardous materials or drain them into any public waste or drain system. A + Service Pro Restoration stringently follows all EPA guidelines when it comes to cleaning up and decontaminating the sites of hazardous material spills. Don’t wait, trust the professionals to deal with cleaning up and disposing of any hazardous materials that have been spilled in your home or business. 

Commercial Building Mold Remediation

Mold can be toxic to human beings.  A mold infestation in your commercial property can quickly render it inhabitable.  If you lose your occupancy permits, you could lose your property or business income. If your commercial property is showing signs of mold you should quickly call A + Service Pro Restoration to evaluate the damages and create a plan for remediation.  Mold can only be contained safely by a professional team.  DIY mold removal is ill-advised in any situation, due to the dangerous nature of mold spores and their ability to go airborne.  But particularly in commercial properties, remediation MUST be completed by a professional service team in order for you to obtain occupancy. A + Service Pro Restoration can inspect your building and help you make an insurance claim to cover the costs of remediation and restoration. 

A + Service Pro Restoration

When you experience damage to your commercial property, call our highly trained service professionals for fast and knowledgable service. No matter the time of day or the condition of the weather, we respond to emergency situations quickly in order to ensure the amount of damage done to your commercial property is minimized as much as is possible. 

We secure the scene of the damage and thoroughly document everything so that we can file an insurance claim on your behalf. A + Service Pro Restoration is very good at getting insurance companies to cover their fair share of the costs. When you call us to the scene of your emergency you are not charged anything upfront!  We work with you to rebuild your property quickly and within the appropriate guidelines, so that you can get back to business as usual.

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