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Absolutely not.  In fact, you won’t pay us anything out of pocket. At A+ Service Pro Restoration we understand that disasters can come when you least expect them.    The most important thing is to immediately secure the scene and ensure your family and home’s safety.  We work with you on documenting your damaged areas and getting your insurance claims settled quickly and efficiently so you can restore your life.

First, get out of the house and get your family to safety immediately.  Do not waste time or endanger your family trying to secure your personal property. You can replace your things, but not your lives.

Second, call our expert disaster response team and we will secure the scene for you and let you know when it’s safe to return. 

First, get your family out of the house and to a safe location. 

Second, if you can safely turn off the water, do so, if not, we can do it for you.

Third give us a call to come secure the scene and start the process of water damage remediation.

You should not attempt to clean or remediate mold on your own.  Our professionals can assess your unique situation and determine what needs to be done to secure the scene and prevent old spores from entering the air. 

Even what appears to be small amounts of mold can be a big problem if it is one of the dangerous types such as black mold.  Call us today to schedule an assessment for your mold issues.

If you’re like most people, your home is your biggest asset.  You need to protect your self and your home and make sure you do not take a loss.  Often people who aren’t familiar with insurance claims can lose out on money they deserve because they do not understand the process and because insurance companies do not want to pay.  You have paid good money for your homeowners plan, and it should work for you. Don’t accept an insurance company’s calculation of what they owe on your claim without getting other opinions.

Your first step in getting a fair claim is to contact A + Service Pro Restoration.  We work with a number of insurance agencies and are familiar with the process of documenting your damage and submitting your claim.  We know how to get you the maximum amount you deserve to rebuild your home and your life. 

If your home has been damaged or destroyed, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the loss and by the repair, replace and recovery process that lies ahead. If your property was insured, that insurance policy is the best vehicle to get you back home. If this is your first experience with a large insurance claim, recognize that it’s basically a business negotiation.

When it comes to insurance lingo, laws and construction estimating…you’re not on a level playing field with the experienced insurance company. But although you may be unfamiliar with your policy and the process in general, there are laws and rules that give you rights. Use them to negotiate and recover the full benefits you’re entitled to under the policy you paid for.

Our goal is to help you understand the process and your rights so you can be your own best advocate and know where and how to get help if you need it.

Call us first to help you claim the maximum amount of insurance benefits you are entitled to.

  • Not having enough coverage (“underinsured”)
  • Delays
  • Confusion over what’s covered and what’s not
  • “Lowball” estimates and settlement offers
  • The adjuster assigned to the claim is unpleasant or hard to work with
  • Differences of opinion over scopes and values of losses

Computers don’t repair and build homes…licensed contractors do. Your insurance company owes you for what an experienced and reputable contractor would charge you to do the required work to put your home back to its pre-loss condition. Insurance companies use guideline pricing and “Xactimate” (computerized home replacement cost estimating software) to predict how much materials and labor should cost. But an estimate prepared by a qualified local, licensed and bonded contractor who has visited the loss site and reviewed information about the pre-loss structure is generally the most reliable basis for a claim settlement.

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